Wednesday, March 31, 2010

there were 15 of them,

and everything is still in one piece!

 william "hosted" his class easter party at our house this morning.  the weather could not have cooperated any better, and the little people had a blast!  

they made an easter bookmark...

and had an egg relay race...

that is brooks in the blue.  he's william's best buddy.  william told me to make sure i put brooks on the computer, too.  

then it was time for the egg hunt!

is there anything more fun that little people scampering around for plastic eggs?

then they snacked before playing some more. 

wes came home from school (he hitched a ride since i was at home partying) wearing his own set of ears.

and refuses to take them off. 

and so now i'm off to hide more eggs in my backyard because my children are obsessed.  but since it's 77 degrees outside, i can't think of anything else that i'd rather be doing!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

where does he get it?

no idea where it came from, but don't even think of using a hairbrush!

Monday, March 22, 2010

coming soon to a kid near you

a broken arm.  or some other injured body part.

no, i don't make him wear a helmet while jumping (but it's probably not a bad idea).  he had been riding his bike.  with cleats on.  and full dallas cowboy gear.  and maroon socks. the circus is coming to town soon...maybe they need a new act.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

almost mobile...

and so excited about it...

Friday, March 19, 2010

scenes from nashville

i'm still bitter.  i feel like my boyfriend broke up with me.  i've been watching basketball for the last 2 days, and my heart still hurts.  i don't think a loss has ever taken me this long to get over.  of course, we usually lose because of our play....not because the refs don't call a very obvious lane violation at the end of the game.   (i know, i know...we could have made some free throws, could have not thrown the inbounds pass between stewart's legs, could have not let stewart intentionally foul out, etc.)  but, those durn refs handed kentucky the game on a silver platter.  and dadgum if sports illustrated didn't come in the mail yesterday with demarcus cousins plastered all over the front.  and since i can't talk about the tournament without throwing something...i'm just gonna let the pictures from our trip to nashville do most of the talking!!

downtown at night

vanderbilt campus

rainbow on the way to the game

blue people....everywhere

getting fired up (this is for william)

is the florida guy even off the ground?

country music hall of fame...duh

the ryman (old grand ole opry)

the opry.  this was so much fun!  please go to a show if you are in nashville!


augustus for 3...

benock for 3 over john wall...

and then i got to come home to these people!

they did make my heart feel a little better, but if somebody wants to go ahead and put kentucky out of the tournament...i'd be very grateful to see the big blue nation head home with a loss.

and maybe by football season i'll be over it!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

come out, come out...wherever you are!

over the last 2 weeks, i have had quite a few people tell me that they "enjoy reading this blog," they like the "new pictures," they are glad "that my family is way crazier than their family," etc. maybe nobody actually said that last comment, but i'm sure somebody was thinking it!!

anyway, most of the people who have said something to me were people that i didn't have a clue were reading my blog.  or even knew i had a blog.  or even knew what a blog was!!  so....this has piqued my interest.  who is out there???  i'm just doing this as a scrapbook, but now i'm intrigued...

so...if you happen to be reading this, please leave a comment.  i'm just wondering who the world wide web has brought me into contact with.  and don't worry if i don't know you.  or if you are the cousin of a sister of a friend!  over half of the blogs that i read are people that i don't know...but i feel like they are friends from way back when!  (one unknown bloggy friend even gave me a lead on msu basketball jerseys for the kiddos, so she's practically my best friend now!)   :)  oh, and please don't pull the "i don't know how to comment" card (paige coward, anne flanagan)...just hit the comment link at the bottom of this post, type your name, click anonymous and hit submit.  it's that easy!  but, i'll still love y'all if you don't!! 

i'm looking forward to seeing who is out there.  i'm also looking forward to the SEC tournament in nashville this weekend.  i'm a little scared that the former may be more exciting than the tourney.  hopefully, the bulldogs will prove me wrong.  but if not, maybe i've made a friend or two that i didn't even know about!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i should probably put a stop to this...

but then, what if i squash the dream of the next great american ski jumper??

i was so excited about the olympics, but now i have to say that i am so glad they are over!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

kites, bikes, and no more trikes!

my parents came to visit this past weekend, and the weather was perfect.  therefore most of the time was spent outside!!! 

poppa brought some kites, and the wind actually cooperated for the most part!

 of course, wes thought it was great fun to let go of his kite while it was flying high, so poppa spent the majority of his time chasing after a runaway buzz lightyear!

 then kakki taught everybody how to play hopscotch.

and, she showed off some of her skills that she learned in 3rd grade on the playground.

reed wasn't into kite flying or hopscotch.  he just wanted to watch everybody having fun.

 and while we were outside, wes decided that the tricycle wasn't cool enough for him anymore.  he hopped on william's old bike, and off he went!

 i thought it would be a while before i saw these two doing this together!!

now i guess i just need to get reed working on his tricycle skills!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i'm just like my daddy....

because cheerios are my fave!!!