Friday, March 19, 2010

scenes from nashville

i'm still bitter.  i feel like my boyfriend broke up with me.  i've been watching basketball for the last 2 days, and my heart still hurts.  i don't think a loss has ever taken me this long to get over.  of course, we usually lose because of our play....not because the refs don't call a very obvious lane violation at the end of the game.   (i know, i know...we could have made some free throws, could have not thrown the inbounds pass between stewart's legs, could have not let stewart intentionally foul out, etc.)  but, those durn refs handed kentucky the game on a silver platter.  and dadgum if sports illustrated didn't come in the mail yesterday with demarcus cousins plastered all over the front.  and since i can't talk about the tournament without throwing something...i'm just gonna let the pictures from our trip to nashville do most of the talking!!

downtown at night

vanderbilt campus

rainbow on the way to the game

blue people....everywhere

getting fired up (this is for william)

is the florida guy even off the ground?

country music hall of fame...duh

the ryman (old grand ole opry)

the opry.  this was so much fun!  please go to a show if you are in nashville!


augustus for 3...

benock for 3 over john wall...

and then i got to come home to these people!

they did make my heart feel a little better, but if somebody wants to go ahead and put kentucky out of the tournament...i'd be very grateful to see the big blue nation head home with a loss.

and maybe by football season i'll be over it!!


Anonymous said...

I've had this pain since I was 4.


enjoyed the "boys"!

Anonymous said...

And I married into this pain. Great pictures of the boys. Honey

Anne Flanagan said...

For what it's worth, Baria, I'm still mad/hurt/disgusted, too. Watching the selection show just rubbed salt in the wound. However, seeing those 3 precious boys would make anything better!

RMG said...

Wow, Grand Ole Opry! I would really really love to watch in the ryman, But yah I think that would still be a couple of years from now.

The Putnam Family said...

your boys are so freaking cute!

btw - i'm in the market to buy a "good camera." any recommendations?

EWM said...

What cutie pa-tootie little boys! Too bad so sad State fans. ;-) Hee hee hee.


Blogpost at Blogspot said...

hey your boys is so cute :) nice to find this blog