Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1 birthday, 2 birthday, 3 birthday, 4...

last weekend, our neighbors/friends had birthday fest for their kids.  my boys woke up ready and fired up.  wes spent the morning at GO.

william spent the afternoon in the pool.  (as a side note....somebody please hurry up the seasons and bring on summer.  i can't wait for pool time.)

then this weekend, we celebrated both of our nieces' birthdays farm style.  sara beth turned 4, and leigh will be 2 in a few days.

aside from the cows, the hayride and the cake, wes decided to pick up every rock he saw and give it to bobo.  apparently, bobo has been slacking on his picking up of rocks around the farm because wes found about a million of them to give him!!

we all thought the hayride was fun.  but reed didn't think too much of it. i guess he needs a little more excitement.  or maybe aunt sara was just too snuggly.

 and after all the festivities, william and wes are counting down to their birthdays.  wes wants his at GO (makes sense).  william wants his at chuck e cheese.  random?  i've still got a few months to change his mind.  not that i have anything against chuck e cheese...except for the germs.  but hey, after what we've been through this last month or so, i guess it can't get any worse.  so bring on the giant, dancing, pants-less mouse!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of a great party(s)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Laura! It was so good to see all of you last weekend! MyMay

P.S. Would you mind emailing some pics from the party to me? What kind of grandmother forgets her camera on such a big day>!?!? majamc11@aol.com