Wednesday, March 31, 2010

there were 15 of them,

and everything is still in one piece!

 william "hosted" his class easter party at our house this morning.  the weather could not have cooperated any better, and the little people had a blast!  

they made an easter bookmark...

and had an egg relay race...

that is brooks in the blue.  he's william's best buddy.  william told me to make sure i put brooks on the computer, too.  

then it was time for the egg hunt!

is there anything more fun that little people scampering around for plastic eggs?

then they snacked before playing some more. 

wes came home from school (he hitched a ride since i was at home partying) wearing his own set of ears.

and refuses to take them off. 

and so now i'm off to hide more eggs in my backyard because my children are obsessed.  but since it's 77 degrees outside, i can't think of anything else that i'd rather be doing!!

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