Sunday, March 7, 2010

kites, bikes, and no more trikes!

my parents came to visit this past weekend, and the weather was perfect.  therefore most of the time was spent outside!!! 

poppa brought some kites, and the wind actually cooperated for the most part!

 of course, wes thought it was great fun to let go of his kite while it was flying high, so poppa spent the majority of his time chasing after a runaway buzz lightyear!

 then kakki taught everybody how to play hopscotch.

and, she showed off some of her skills that she learned in 3rd grade on the playground.

reed wasn't into kite flying or hopscotch.  he just wanted to watch everybody having fun.

 and while we were outside, wes decided that the tricycle wasn't cool enough for him anymore.  he hopped on william's old bike, and off he went!

 i thought it would be a while before i saw these two doing this together!!

now i guess i just need to get reed working on his tricycle skills!!


Anonymous said...

congrats...what big kids. when will they stop growing?
-Jen Davenport

Lance and DK said...

looks like so much fun! who was that funny lady in mid-air who thought she was 10 years old again?!!! which she obviously is not!!!! great week-end! kakki

Anonymous said...

Great "old timey" fun. Grandad loved kites!