Saturday, December 17, 2016

christmas happenings

we have been rocking and rolling these last few weeks with all sorts of christmas events.  december is always nuts, but we have made it halfway through!

last sunday, our kids at church put on a christmas program.  william started it off by playing the prelude!

then our kiddos told the story of the coming of jesus through scripture and song.  i only got this one picture of the boys, but they all did a great job!

the 4th and 5th grade put on a christmas production at school called "the light has come."  william likes to play music for an audience, but it's pretty clear that he may have reached the age where singing and dancing is not really his thing (at least if it's not in the car or the playroom)!  i'm thinking his buddy, will, beside him might feel the same way!  ha!

regardless, they did a great job, and these boys were happy to be finished!

on the last day of school yesterday, william again provided christmas music for 30 minutes before school started.  they set up a keyboard in the lobby, and he just went to town!

this was part of the "audience" that decided to sit and listen for a while! :)

reed and wes didn't have to do much performing this season, but they did party hard on their last day of school.  reed and weston were thrilled to be getting out of school for a few weeks!

wes was just pumped to have a bag full of candy!

hello, christmas break!!!

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