Tuesday, September 21, 2010


i don't really care much for feet.  but it's funny how much somebody's feet can tell you about them.  are they athletic?  do they pamper their feet?  do they not care at all?  do they stand on their toes all the time?  are they complete clones of their daddy?  do they have some strange habit where they curl their toes up underneath them while they are sitting down?  do they have quite possibly the fattest feet in the world?

my kids fit in some of these categories.  i don't know why i took pictures of their feet, but each picture just tells me so much about that kid without ever seeing their face!!

thankfully, i left the two big people's feet out of the pictures.  the athletic/not caring at all categories fit us well.  you're welcome!


Anonymous said...

Sort of disappointed my feet were not included.


Lance and DK said...

sweet feet. kakki