Tuesday, September 29, 2015

back at it

football has arrived, and we have spent the last few saturdays cheering on the bulldogs.  one game was hot, one game was not, and most of the rest of them were really late!!!  i know we get money from the t.v. people and all that jazz, but oh my goodness....don't they know that we don't like the games that start at 8:30 and beyond?!  could somebody please tell espn and cbs and whoever else is in charge that we do actually like to sleep?  remember those 11am JP games that we used to have?  i guess i'm the only one that liked those!! 

oh well, sleep or not, these guys are always happy to ring their cowbells!

one more away game, and then we have three weeks in a row of home games.  maybe at least one of them will start before bedtime!  go dawgs!

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