Sunday, January 29, 2017

our jack-o-lantern

reed's teeth are falling out at an alarming rate over here.  we call him our jack-o-lantern.

if only that sorry tooth fairy could remember and keep up!  why is it so hard???

reed: "mama, i put my tooth in the pillow last night, but you forgot to come get it."
me: *sighing while thinking to myself that there is not another person on the planet who has a harder time remembering to be the tooth fairy*
reed: "that's ok.  i left it there, so you can try again tonight."

at this point, i believe the writing is on the wall.  shouldn't i just reach into my wallet to give him a dollar and be done with it?  oh well, we're all good at some things, and being the tooth fairy is not one of my good things.  and i have a cute jack-o-lantern to remind of it!!!

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