Friday, October 31, 2014

holley farms

a few weeks ago, i visited the pumpkin patch for the 482nd time in my life.  but this year, wes and reed went together, so i only had to go to one pumpkin patch.  can i get a high five?!?  this particular farm is my favorite one, so it was fun.  it's a real farm.  you cut your pumpkin off the vine.  it's not tossed out there in the field for you to pick up and peel the wal-mart sticker off of before carving.  true story.  they have fun slides, and mazes.  and they have really good food.  i do love some mexican cornbread, and when they grind their own cornmeal to fix their mexcian just can't get much better than that!

we had everything from 4 year olds to first graders on this trip.  since the classes were divided up between activities, wes (and his class) was kind enough to let reed pretend to be a first grader with them so i could get pictures of the two of them.  he was a great big brother on this trip!

the pumpkin patch field trips stop after the first grade.  i don't know what i'm going to do once reed makes it to second grade!  i might have to drive to fulton anyway just for old times sake and to get a pumpkin.  if nothing else, that mexican cornbread will make the trip worthwhile!  :)

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