Sunday, November 2, 2014

sugar rush

it's every kid's favorite night of the year.  and this year halloween didn't disappoint.  well, i could have done without the freezing temps and the wind, but the little people running around with buckets full of candy didn't seem to care!

my crew went as peyton manning (wes has developed a love of all things denver broncos as of late.  he still claims to love the cowboys as well, but i think his daddy's heart may be breaking a little.  ha!), quidditch-playing harry potter (william loves harry potter, and i have just started reading the first one tonight so i can keep up.  did i spell quidditch correctly?), and a lost pizza baseball player!!

we had supper at church before hitting the trail to trick or treat.  we met up with hermione (girl in harry potter?  i'll have to let you know once i read the book!!) and studious harry!

then we braved the cold for the candy!!  studious harry, elvis, and a blue "inja" turtle joined in the fun!

once we were home, reed hoarded all the whoppers.

wes made claims on the 3 musketeers!

and our porch was decorated with a simple jack-o-lantern this year.  last year we got all fancy, but this year wes wanted a smiling face with one tooth!  i think daddy was happy with the choice this year since he's the one in charge of the carving!

it was a happy halloween, but now i have to figure out what to do with all the candy around here.  anybody taking donations???

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