Thursday, November 6, 2014


we are mississippi state fans.  we are used to riding high and then sliding low.  i'm just being honest!!!  this year has been so much fun, but each game since our #1 ranking has been just a teensy bit stressful.  even if we are up by 40 with 4 minutes to go, there are still a few doubts hidden away about wether or not we can pull this game out!  ha!  this past weekend was no different.  even 5 year olds feel the same way!

and yet, we survived.  we held on to the #1 ranking, and we are pumped and ready for homecoming this weekend.  here's to hoping we survive that one, too.  go dawgs!

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Pam Smith said...

There is something to be said about an awesome 8 -3 season! Lots less pressure. But this #1 thing is like sleep-walking. Please, Lord do not wake us!