Tuesday, June 10, 2008

weekend warriors

shortly after our biscuits and bacon on saturday morning, william asked if we could hook up the slip-n-side and water ring in the backyard. so, i put wes down for a nap a little early and got out the water hoses.

then daddy decided to show off his form...

william was thirsty, and this was quicker than going inside for a capri sun or gatorade.

after wrestling, jumping, and sliding...

we decided that we'd hit the elvis festival downtown. who knew a little podunk carnival could make a kid so happy??

poor wes, this is all he was big enough to ride.

then we headed across the street to check out the fire truck...

although he didn't want to get up in the seat and drive the truck, william was more than happy to wear the hat.

after naps, william washed daddy's truck,

and wes mowed the yard.

then, they took a little break.

when the heat got to be too much to handle, we headed inside to play in a box. (who needs real toys?)

after we went to church on sunday in a new outfit from honey,

we went BACK out in the backyard water wonderland.

we spotted our friends, ben and walt, across the street playing in a sprinkler, so we invited them over to the real thing. they totally moved up in the world with our $6 slip-n-slide and $5 water ring!

since his mama forgot to put a swim diaper on him, walt decided to take part in an activity that didn't require so much water!!

my little people were pooped, and both of them slept until almost 7am on monday morning! maybe i should hook up the water wonderland every day of the year!


Anonymous said...

greetings from william and honey. we looked at the pictures several times and loved them. we are going to see the trains now and will take some pictures. william says cccft 54r322222222222222222222222222222222222222222.wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Lisa Trotter said...

Hey Laura, this is Lisa Trotter, McLean's wife. I have NO earthly idea how I really got to your blog - but I think it was through Suzanne Barnette, and then a link on hers....oh, I don't know!! But it was so neat to see your familiar name...and then I saw the pictures of Chase on the slip-n-slide...priceless!! Can't wait to show McLean! We just moved to Fairhope, Alabama 2 weeks ago. I know McLean would love to keep up with Chase!!! It's so great to see your PRECIOUS boys on the blog!! I just loved keeping up with them. And your post on Charleston is right on.....my parents live there and that's where McLean and I got married! Anyway, thanks for letting us peek in on you guys. Much love to Chase and your sweet family!!! Lisa