Tuesday, July 1, 2008

pre-supper routine

every night while i'm getting supper ready, i plug in my ipod or turn on the radio. then, william, wes and i shake our groove thang while i cook and we wait on daddy to get home. chase has walked in more than once and rolled his eyes at the three of us gettin' jiggy in the kitchen. i sure am glad we put up that fence in the backyard....otherwise, our neighbors would think we were nuts for sure! (and, the song in the background.....it's one of william's favorites. move over itsy-bitsy spider!)



Leigh Ann said...

ok...those boys have some moves. maybe we should try it. we are not usually happy campers cooking dinner waiting for daddy!
and for wes' hair-i love the curls. no way could i have cut that precious head of hair!

Marty Cooper said...

Fancy foot work, Willy!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Chase.

jessica said...

this gives me flash backs of college. mariah cary blasting jumping aroound with christmas lights up. call me! we have lots to catch up on jessica broom