Thursday, July 31, 2008

happy birthday, kathryn and emory!

today, my best friend from high school, kathryn, is turning 28! whoo-hoo! i'm sure she has big plans to party it up in greenwood tonight! probably on a gravel road in the middle of a cotton field somewhere. or maybe just a nice dinner out. either way, happy birthday, kathryn! i love you!!

as i was looking around for a picture to post, i came across this one. i didn't have very many options because all of my picture albums are still at my parents' house. anyway, i had to post this one because i wanted to show off the bangs. hello? are those smoking hot or what?? i don't know exactly when this was, but i think we were in st. simons at some point during high school. i am quite the trend setter, aren't i?

today is also emory's birthday! she's not 28....she's just a young, little thing. but, we still love her anyway!

this past week, we took her out for a birthday dinner a few nights early. we can't polish off nearly as much pizza as we can sushi, but the conversation was just as entertaining. somebody mentioned that when we get together we need to get a pen and paper and write down all the topics covered. the topic number was, i'm sure, at least up to 150 and covered everything from shorts with built-in underwear to the vast array of supplies that come in pocket sizes. we are soooo all over the place. anyway, the thing that we talked about that has stayed in my mind was fears. everyone has pretty typical fears...snakes, spiders, heights, etc., except for that girl on the end. ginger (in all her craziness) fears traffic jams. yes, traffic jams. lucky for her, we live in rural mississippi, and getting stuck in a traffic jam is highly unlikely. unless you count getting stuck behind tractors. in which case, she might want to stay at home during picking season. of course, then she has to watch out for the roaches. tough call.

anyway, happy birthday to the two birthday girls! i hope you both have a great day and get to eat lots of cake. and ice cream. call me if you want some help with that.


Jennifer and BJ said...

Hey! I'm so glad you found my blog :) This is a great way to keep up with people. You have two beautiful children! Please let me know if you ever head down to Starkvegas. As for BJ...he at least cheers for MSU now...most of the time!

Candace said...

yay! you finally posted!! hilarious as usual!!

Anonymous said...

thanks. seriously.... thanks!

Kathryn said...

Just now getting around to checking blogs - been in SSI for the week... and we've all missed you! :-) Thanks for the post. And you couldn't find a better picture than that?!? It was in SSI the summer after our freshman year. Looking good - ha! Love you!

Anonymous said...

shorts with built in underwear?? Really? You guys DO discuss everything. Daddy Jay