Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 'til 6 and hungry

i love summer. i hate cooking in the summer. it's just too hot. our kitchen has 84 windows that face west, so when it's anytime after lunch it's approximately 200 degrees in there. (and shannon...if you're reading this....i LOVE my kitchen...and my neighbors!) anyway, i really don't want to turn on the oven or stand over a skillet on the stove or do anything in there that will make it hotter than it already is. plus, it's light until after 8pm, so i'd rather be outside playing with the little people than in the kitchen anyway.

all that to say that if i do fix something for supper....i will fix that thing only. i'm not a short order cook. so you can eat what is put in front of you, or you can go to bed hungry. your choice. last night, william chose the latter.

i made vegetable lasagna (it was cloudy outside, so the oven thing wasn't a huge deal), but he decided he didn't want "tasagna" because it had "those green things in it." he pushed it around a little, and then i made him get up because mama doesn't do the playing with our food thing. drives me crazy. so, he had 6 blueberries and a half a cup of water for supper.

this morning at 5 'til 6, i hear him upstairs saying, "maaaaaama....come get me." he usually gets up at 6:45am, so this is not a good way to start my day. anyway, i go up to his room, and he tells me to lie down on the bed with him. as soon as my head hits the pillow, he says, "mama, you need to leave."

still unhappy that there is a 5 on the clock, i ask, "why?"

"because you need to cook me some supper."

"are you hungry?"

"i am hungry, hungry, hungry. i want oatmeal and pancakes and chocolate milk."

maybe i should make supper be 7 blueberries and a whole cup of water next time.

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Lance and DK said...

i think you need to get the book out about child rearing again and read up on this early rising habit with #1. your daddy has been contemplating this since we got home from our visit last week. you will have to check with him about his clock theory. stick by your guns on the supper deal. hope all goes well on the "relocation." dk