Tuesday, July 22, 2008

he's a fast foodie

william likes to ride up beside you while on his tricycle or tractor and pretend that he is ordering food at a drive-thru window. the following is a conversation between him and his poppa while in inverness this past weekend.

william: "can i have, ummmmmm, some chicken nuggets, french fries, salad, and sweet tea?"

poppa: "is that all?"

william: "and, and some chocolate milk."

poppa: "anything else?"

william: "that's all. how much will be that?" (i love how he says this backwards.)

poppa: "that will be $7.22."

william: "here you go" (and he holds out his hand to give him money)

poppa: "thanks. here's your food." (as he tries to give him his food)

william: "no, no...this is wendy's, not chick-fil-a."

poppa: "huh?"

william: "you have to go to the second window to get your food. wendy's has 2 windows. chick-fil-a just has one."

poppa: "i think you eat out too much."

sadly, he may be right!!!

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