Sunday, November 20, 2016

we're kinda glad it's over!

we are true maroon, but let's be honest...we rode the struggle bus this year!  it's part of being a bulldog, but i'm ready to put this season behind us and move on!!  i know there is still one game left, but our home games are over (and we will not be making the trip to oxford).  so...good-bye to football season!

we had fabulous weather for the games this year!  hot and sunny....just the way i like it!  the good part (in my opinion) about not being any good is that you don't have to play many late games!

these two goofballs ran ahead of us one day on the way back to the car and stopped in front of the library at this bench to read with their "friends."

thankfully we only had to dress like this for one game.  we didn't win it either, but we were prepared and warm!

and now we are moving on to basketball!  go dawgs!

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