Sunday, November 6, 2016

trick or treat

we are still riding high on our ryder cup victory over here, so we didn't look around too hard for costumes!  this year we had rickie fowler, zach johnson, and jordan spieth.

they really like rory, too, but since he wasn't american he didn't make the cut this time!

we loaded up and went door to door with the cordells and came home with way too much candy!  but i did enjoy not freezing while on the trailer this year.  i could handle the weather being this way every year!!

as soon we got home, the sorting began!  reed called dibs on the whoppers and hershey's.  the other two just like any and all of it!!

now on to the all of the chaos that the end of the year brings.  at least we've got enough sugar to get us through!

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