Thursday, September 18, 2008


on sunday morning, wes woke up with fever and ill as a hornet. he would not drink anything, and he sure as heck wasn't going to eat anything. along with those wonderful symptoms, he was having difficulty breathing which was evidenced by a horrible wheeze. you could look at his little belly and chest and tell that he was working really hard for some air. so i gave him a bath in a super steamy bathroom to try and loosen him up. that didn't work, and then he threw up on me, the changing table, and himself as i was drying him off. (yes, he got a second bath.)

i don't know where it is written in the rule books that children must get sick on weekends (specifically sundays) when there is no dr's office and few pharmacies open. of course, the pharmacy i go to isn't open at all on sundays.

i didn't feel the need for another trip to the ER. and i really didn't want to go sit in some free clinic where we would contract something else to go along with what we already had for sure. so, i did the next best thing...i called my neighborhood pharmacy...aka, the waterer house.

these lucky neighbors of ours have had their share of illnesses with all three of their kids. so i called knowing that they had a nebulizer and some albuterol lying around somewhere. within the hour, i had both delivered to my back door.

after 4 days of a whole lot of this...

along with lots of tylenol and sleep, wes is as good as new. and we didn't even have to leave home.

now, if those waterers would just put in a drive-thru, they'd make a killing!

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Candace said...

maybe we could get them to put in a drive thru during the kitchen demolition..t-9 days and counting...Im so glad "bes"(what Laurie calls wes) is better...Im glad we could,C