Wednesday, September 3, 2008

back to school...finally

william has asked me non-stop since the beginning of summer to take him back to school. so, he was so excited on tuesday morning when i told him to go brush his teeth so he could go. well actually, his words were, "ok! when you pack my lunch...put it in my lunch box. put a peanut butter and jelly in there. and some carrots. and some stuff to dip them in. and a capri sun." he was not happy with me when i told him that it was not a lunch day at school today. but, he got over that and was happy to pose for a first day of school pic (with a 1 because it was the first day).

we do the carpool line, and i'm nothing more than vapor once we get in the line in that parking lot. his teacher opened the door to get him out, and he couldn't get out fast enough. he didn't even tell me bye. all these other moms are crying while dropping their clingy kids off, and i didn't even get a wave! i can just feel the love! it's ok, though, because i'll get some love when it's lunch day at school and he wants a pb&j. and some carrots. and a capri sun. yes sir...i might even get a wave for that!

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Anonymous said...

i am so glad that he loves it much! Hope he always does. honey