Thursday, September 18, 2008

where's the love?

tonight after william said his prayers, we told God what we were thankful for from today. after the completely helmet, football, trees and lights...i asked him if there were any people that he was thankful for.

the conversation went something like this:

me: are there any people that you are thankful for?

william: brooks. but he wasn't at school today. and i'm thank-va-ful for ethan, too.

me: anybody else?

william: yeah, and i'm thank-va-ful for riley.

me: is there anybody else that you are thankful for? (leaning in thinking that the closer i am, the more obvious i will be)

william: yeah. what's that girl's name at my school with the pink sandals?

me: i don't know, william.

william: you know...the cute girl.

me: yeah, i still don't know who you are talking about. isn't there somebody else you are thankful for?

william: oh yeah, wait!! jenkins!

me: is that all?

william: yup. night, mama.

i'm just the one that keeps his world spinning, but there's no need to be thank-va-ful for that when there's brooks and ethan.

and a cute girl with pink sandals.


Candace said...

poor mama!!

jessica said...

you are such a good writer! i am thankful for you!