Sunday, September 7, 2008

a good day for william (and the bulldogs)

this weekend, we left wes in inverness and drove to starkville to cheer on the bulldogs. obviously, we didn't do a good enough job last weekend, so we were there in full force yesterday. william has been so excited about football season, and his jersey has been washed to death in the last few weeks. so, as he stepped foot on campus for the first home game of the season, he was thrilled!

i mean, how could a three year old not love it? before we even went in the stadium, he hit up every tailgate tent on campus for snacks. seriously, for supper he ate a half of a chicken strip, 5 grapes, 14 cookies, 3 brownies, and m&ms. he got to ride the escalators in the depot numerous times. got to walk through the blow-up helmet. got to watch the band walk through the junction (the kid's got some rhythm). got to go up to the MClub and watch the players dance (aka stretch). he was in heaven.

when we finally got in the stadium, he was completely into the maroon/white cheer before the game!

the past two years, it's been a little difficult at the games because he gets ansty after about the first quarter. not any more. he took it all in and actually paid attention to what was going on...the football players falling down, anthony dixon, the drummers in the band, dancing to the music between plays, anthony dixon, the referees (love those guys), the huge box of popcorn that he ate in the second quarter, bully, and did i mention that he likes anthony dixon?

at one point he stood up on his seat and yelled, "come on! take it to that secondary! they ain't got one!!" after a brief moment of confusion, i realized that he was enjoying yelling everything that the guy in front of us was yelling. luckily, he was a pretty mild-mannered fan! and all that yelling must have done some good because the bulldogs finally put a 1 in the W column.

i think it's safe to say that william enjoyed his time in starkville yesterday. it was quite obvious that he thought he was still at the game this morning during church. what, with all the cutting a rug to holy, holy, holy and the belch he let out during kurt's prayer! he was even demonstrating the different football stances to people at lunch. poor kid...i hope that spirit doesn't get crushed by the guys in maroon next weekend when the SEC schedule begins.

on second thought, as long as there are cookies at the tailgates and popcorn in the stadium, he'll be up for a trip to starkville any day!


Leigh Ann said...

Go state! Glad he had such a great day!

Zeb and Anna said...

i wish i could have seen him--hopefully we will make it to a game at the same time--sb needs some lessons

Marty Cooper said...

What a great kid! We loved seeing y'all at the game and lunch. Go State!

Anonymous said...

sorry we missed it. james rubbed it in that he got to see william. hopefully next week. honey