Saturday, September 13, 2008

splishin' and a splashin'

on friday morning, emma claire asked william to go to the splash park with her. he's not one to turn down that kind of offer...especially from a cute girl. so, off we went to check out the splash park.

i didn't get many good pictures because i was too busy chasing wes around. it took william just a second to warm up, but then he decided it was great fun.

this was about as much of the splash park as wes wanted.

he'd rather chase the ducks around than play in the water!

william's favorite was getting behind the barrel of this water gun.

as we got in the car, i asked william if he had fun. he said, "yeah. i shooted people with that gun. i shooted that little baby, and he cried." i told him that the baby's name was john david, and it wasn't very nice to make people cry. he then told me to turn around and go back, and "i will tell john david that i'm sorry i shooted him." (so, leigh ann, there's an apology for john david being shooted.)

of course, as we got a little further down the road i heard him mumble, "but, he shoulda just got out of the way and he wouldn't get shooted."


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Leigh Ann said...

That's halarious. William is exactly right. I watched the entire thing...John David would walk into the line of fire, get shot, and cry. He did it over and over. It was pretty funny. I think John David wanted to be "shooted", but it was nice for William to apologize.