Sunday, September 7, 2008

mamoo and taylor

at the end of this past week, the little people and i headed to the delta for a few days. i get their pictures done in greenwood, and it was time for wes to get a few made. while we were there, my grandparents came over to hang out. i tried to get some pictures myself, but this was as good as i did...

wes apparently already had his fill of picture taking because he was having none of that...

oh well. maybe next time.

while i'm on the subject of my grandparents, i had to share a memory. i used to go stay with them every summer for a whole week. now my kids do this with their grandparents (and, oh, what a sweet, glorious, quiet week that is)! anyway, when i stayed with them, we would head up to baskin robbins every single night after supper. every night. without fail. so, so awesome. and every night i got the same thing...chocolate. and every night taylor got the same thing...vanilla. because, you know, we like to branch out and do different things. mamoo, obviously the crazy one in the bunch, ordered pralines and cream every night. i'm not sure that i've ever even eaten a praline, but i know that do not want it anywhere near my ice cream. that mamoo, she is a wild one! she also called me pissant for the first half of my life. it's a wonder i'm not in therapy every week! :)

i only hope my kids make fun memories while they spend time with their grandparents in the coming years. and, i'll be dang sure to make some of my own in the peaceful, stillness of my house while they are gone. or...maybe i'll just take a nap.

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