Wednesday, October 1, 2008

fall swimming

so, just because it gets a little cooler outside doesn't mean that we don't swim! every week, william does "swim team." yes, that term is used loosely! they practice jumping in at the same time and swimming to the same spot. so, it's somewhat like a race. however, he's 3...the rest of them are 5 (note the size difference in the picture). so there's not much winning on his part. but, he doesn't even know it's supposed to be a race. he just likes being in the water!

yesterday, they didn't do much racing. instead they were practicing on swimming across the pool while going under the ropes.

wes is swimming, too. he can float with the best of them. but, he's still working on his swimming skills. my camera was near dead, so i hope to get some video of him next week!


Lance and DK said...

i can't wait to be a swim team grandmother. move over michael phelps! kakki

Rachael Tackett said...

i am going to take grace to the indoor pool we have here in sunflower...jk. must be nice to live in a "real" town... i will keep dreaming.

Candace said...

what pool is it really everyday?? what time?

Anonymous said...

good job william! i love you - honey