Monday, October 20, 2008

i always thought we needed some livestock in our yard

today, we finally got around to putting some pumpkins out on our front porch. william has been asking when we were going to get some pumpkins, so he was very excited to put them out.

william: "i like our pumpkins. now we need some of that other stuff to put in our yard."

me: "what other stuff?" (hoping that he didn't mean an upside down witch in the tree like one of our neighbors)

william: "well, we got pumpkins. so now we need a black kitty cat and a goat."

me: "a goat? why do we need a goat?"

william: "because he is white, and he flies in the air. and he says ooooooooooooo."

perfect reasoning. and, you gotta admit that halloween decorations would be so much cooler if people put out pumpkins and goats.


Lance and DK said...

BOO! or should I say Naaaaaaaa.
Love, Kakki

Anonymous said...

i think that i will get me some goats too. they also keep the grass cut down. honey

Mandy said...

If you would like a horse and cow to go along with your goat, I can probably arrange that for you....

jessica said...

i have tears ...i am laughing so hard. i thought i had read october but apparently not...i would rmber that one.