Wednesday, October 8, 2008

here we go...i'm it.

my neighbor, candace, tagged me last week. i've been tagged for ever other bloggy game that has gone around, but i've never made the time to do it. plus, i'm just not that interesting. however, i've been reminded twice that i'm it. and she likes to figure people out...i don't really know if i like people to figure me out, but i'll oblige if only this one time!! so here are 6 quirky things about me:

1. i have to have my watch on at all times. i feel naked without it. not just any timex indiglo. i will make an exception and wear my nice watch to church or somewhere nice if i have to, but i don't like it at all.

2. i have to check under the covers for spiders every single night before i go to bed. even if chase goes to bed before me, i must turn on the light and check for the spiders. he loves this.

3. i have a nose like that of a bloodhound. i can smell a dirty diaper a mile away. anyone that has worked the church nursery with me will attest to this. i've also smelled gas leaks and burning/melting dishwashers just in the nick of time.

4. i'm a very laid back person. not much of anything or anyone really frustrates me. however, there is one thing that gets on my very last nerve...certain bathrooms in sporting stadiums/arenas. specifically the ones that have sinks that require you to push/turn a knob to get the water to come out. and you must keep pushing/turning the knob for the water to come out. this allows you to wash only one hand at a time. what a stupid idea! whoever invented this thing should have to spend eternity in a room with dirty hands and one of those sinks!

5. i'm obsessed with the kitchen floor. i sweep it 2, sometimes 3, times a day. i would love to be able to mop it every night. but, that doesn't happen. it's ok if the other rooms in the house are not clean, but the kitchen floor must be clean.

6. i have to have the checkbook balanced to the very last penny. if it is 3 cents off, then i will add and subtract back for months until i find those 3 pennies. (this is why chase is not allowed to do the checkbook.) i will not just make a correction in the register. this doesn't happen, anyway, because i will balance it every few days to make sure the bank remembers how to add and subtract.

now, i tag heather, mandy, kathryn, marty and my mom!


Marty Cooper said...

Oh yeah! I forgot you tagged me. I'll try to think of the things that make me a total freak and write them down for all to see. :)

Candace said...

yay!!! clap, clap, did it! thanks! I'm not as popular and have not been blogging as long as you..i have not been asked to do any blog games at all...sorry if I bugged you..but I am sure you made someone smile...have a good night..C

Rachael Tackett said...

Remember how our wrists were dented in from our watches...I think I still have my stinky "the band" somewhere. I should frame that thing...ha!