Sunday, October 12, 2008

and then we won a game!!

we headed to starkville again on saturday to cheer on the bulldogs. we played #13 vandy, and we came out with a win. despite a 4 yard punt by our punter. you read that right...4 yards. 4. as in 1, 2, 3...4!! (see previous post if you want a rant on the punting situation at msu.)

as we got to campus, it was almost time for the player walk through, so we headed over to the junction to find anthony dixon and bully.

we tailgated with a different group this weekend. we jumped in with some tupelo bulldogs (thanks, y'all!), and it was great. there were lots of kiddos playing in and around our tent. i'm not even sure who half of them were, but it didn't matter at all!

i have no idea what this game is called, but it is apparently loads of fun. mont had to teach william how to play it.

then he got some solid practice time in...

before teaching his buddy, ford, how to play.

then they took a break for some capri-suns! we're so glad you came, ford!

anyway, as soon as the game started, the clouds hid the sun, a breeze showed up, and we got some popcorn.

add one in the W column, and you can't get many saturdays better than that!

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Anonymous said...

sorry we missed the popcorn, new game, the W, the painted faces and Ford. glad you all had fun. honey