Monday, May 27, 2013

from the mouth of babes...

i was in the car a few days ago with the little people, and we were discussing the upcoming mayoral election in town.  it's kind of hard not to because there are signs every 5 feet along the side of the road.  ya know...just in case you forget his name, there is going to be another sign 3 feet from it.  obviously, i'm not a fan of political signs.  or at least, i'm not a fan of 400 of the same signs within one mile of each other.  do they think i'm an idiot?


william:  "so, jason shelton and fred pitts are trying to get to be mayor, right?"

me:  "yep."

william:  "so who are you voting for?"

(i'm just going to leave that part of the conversation out.)

william:  "is jason shelton a christian?  is fred pitts a christian?"

me:  "well i don't know either of them personally, but i think so."

william:  "well i hope they are both christians so that way we will have a christian as our mayor no matter who wins."

wes:  "yeah.  we don't want them to be like that crazy obama."

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Anonymous said...

Go Wes. I know those boys are being trained properly in matters of politics as well as a fine Christian home. No doubt that they have picked up some good material from parents and grandparents. I love it!! Daddy Jay