Friday, May 10, 2013

bringing it to an end

we've crammed it in these last two weeks of school.  this week started off a with a fun tradition.  for years william's teacher, ms. dickerson, has had a 1st grade sleepover at her house.  i'm thinking she must be partly crazy!  :)  they watched a movie, played games, and ate ice cream.  i think they slept a little bit, too, at some point!  the girls slept upstairs while the boys took over the den floor.  i'm pretty sure that you wouldn't be able to pay me enough money to have all these people sleep over, but the moms that stayed the night said that they were all really sweet!

loud.  but sweet!  :)

wes visited healthworks and wtva.  he was impressed with the tv station.  we may have a meteorologist on our hands!

reed talked me into playing hooky and going to play golf instead in the middle of the week.  it's hard to turn this guy down!  i'm definitely going to be lost next year when he starts "big" school.

and we ended the week with much needed haircuts.  william has been asking for short hair for a while. i've always brushed it off.  well today, i gave in and told him to tell her what he wanted.  he got his wish.  i started the day with william.

i ended the day with chase, jr.

now we are on a 3 day countdown to summer!  whohoo!

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