Saturday, May 4, 2013

more baseball

well i finally was able to take my camera to one of william's games.  and let me just say that once all 3 are playing baseball, somebody may have to come haul me away to the looney bin.  life with just 2 playing is cuh-razy, and i'm not looking forward to the day when i have to get them all to different games.  of course, they are spaced out just enough that they will never be on the same team.  maybe they won't all end up being baseball players.  (pretty please!!!!)

 we killed the team that we played this night.  and i'm not saying that because our team is awesome.  we can all hit the ball very well, but our fielding could use a little work.  i'm saying that because we played the team with the most intense coach.  this is a coach pitch league, and i think this one still believes that he is in high school or college because he was throwing some heat to those 7 year olds.  their team had two or three hits the entire game.  he struck all his players out because he couldn't just toss the ball to them.  he was out to prove a point.  i'm not sure what his point was, but he succeeded in frustrating his team of little kids.  good grief.  what is wrong with people today?!?

anyway, coach justin pitched the ball to our team nice and easy, and we were on our way!

 they move around to different positions every few innings, but william says second base is his favorite.

i think he likes catcher too because all the equipment is cool, but he might better put some meat on his body if wants to stay behind the plate!

and let's not forget the little fans who put up with this crazy baseball schedule!!  reed and noel, you'll each get your turn one day soon!

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