Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the graduate

wes donned the cap and gown on tuesday, listened to a very brief commencement speech, sang some songs, danced a dance, walked across the stage, got his diploma, and graduated kindergarten!  this little dude has come a long, long way in one year's time.  i attribute that to his sweet teacher, mrs. williams.  at the beginning of the year, he couldn't even hold a pencil correctly.  (i blame myself for that, but he always hated to color, and so he never ever had a crayon in his hand!!  why would i force the kid to sit down and color when he just wanted to go outside?!?)  now he can write like a champ, he loves to draw, and he can read!!   what?!?!  kindergarten teachers need a raise!!!  :)

little brother gave him some love before we left the house!

these next pictures are surreal to me!  it seems like yesterday i was posing with all my friends just like this before high school graduation.  and now, my kids are closer to high school graduation than i am!  what happened here???

wes and jackson

sam, wes, and hope

wes and sam

the miracle worker, mrs. williams!!!

lined up and ready!

waiting patiently...

getting that diploma!

we're proud of you, wes!

watch out world....this crew is coming for you!  

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