Monday, May 20, 2013

goodbye, hector!

a few months ago, we ended up coming home from the golf course with a turtle.  reed named him hector, and he was our pet for a few days.  then wes had the idea to take him to school.  hector became the kindergarten class pet.  hallelujah!

let's face it....we don't have the best track record with small animals.  goldie lasted a month, and flipper was two weeks max.  hector's predecessor, leonardo, escaped.  they said he escaped outside, and i haven't smelled dead turtle in my house yet, so i guess they were telling the truth.  therefore, i never expected that little sucker to survive more than a few days, but he proved me wrong.  on the last day of school, wes brought him home for the summer.  well....did you read the previous few sentences?  if you live in a small, plastic box...our house is a death sentence! so we went back to the pond on #11 and let hector go.  he was so happy to be back with his brothers and sisters.  at least that's what we told reed who screamed and cried because "i didn't get to tell hector bye bye!"  (to the guys teeing off on #11....i'm sorry!!!)

here's to hoping hector spreads the word to all his extended family to swim to the middle of the pond when they see those henson kids coming!!!  :)

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