Thursday, May 2, 2013

why did god make the cockroach?

wes' class put on a play this week called "why did god make the cockroach?"  in case you were wondering, the world would be a smelly place to live and an ugly place to look at if the cockroach was not around.  or so i'm told.  i don't really care if he does eat things that no other insect will eat....if he comes near me, he won't be eating much of anything anymore!

even so, all the bugs and flowers and birds were really cute!!  wes rocked the very important part portrayed by the ant!

both grandmothers were there to support the ant.

jackson, wes, and trey

jackson, wes, trey and sam

with the class play in the books, summer is just around the corner!  bring on graduation!

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