Wednesday, April 2, 2008

delta visit

at the end of last week, william, wes and i packed up and headed to the delta for a few jam-packed days. on thursday, my mom took william to delta state to see the hungry, hungry caterpillar. the bologna performing arts center had some group come in and do the hungry, hungry caterpillar, the confused chamelion, and something about a cloud....i don't know that particular eric carle book. it was all done in black light, and he was apparently mesmerized. he came home telling me everything that the caterpillar ate and that it was "berry, berry dark."

that afternoon, lamb's squeezed me in to get wes' second round of pictures. the kid would not smile. i take that back, he smiled twice. we had 3 adults acting like complete idiots, and he let us know that that is exactly what he thought of us. however, i think we did get some cute pictures of him sucking his thumb and holding onto puppy. we'll have to see what i think when i get the proofs back.

on friday, william went to down to CDA to play on the playground with some of the kids. he had a blast.

the big "lellow" slide
the super big slide

monkeying on the low part of the monkey bars
pushing the ladiesthat afternoon, my BFF (i know some of you are thinking this is humorous because i am not a texter and do not know the lingo in the slightest bit) from high school, kathryn, came to hang out. it was awesome because i haven't seen her in forever. she got me up to date with everything going on in greenwood. and she let me know all about our class reunion this summer that she somehow got roped into planning. you go, kathryn. AND....(great news here)....she taught me (somewhat) how to do that progressive texting. (candace, i know you're proud.) now i might be able to reply to a text without calling somebody back or it taking me 4 hours to type a sentence. pumped! william asked her to come to his house and play, so she must be on the good list!

that night, half of the town came over to eat supper and hang out. definitely chaotic, but lots of fun!

william hoarding golf clubs
wes being a bully to grace
on saturday, i went to a wedding of a high school friend in greenwood. we got anna and andy all hitched up (despite her monstrous case of nerves), and then we went out to money, ms for the reception at her grandmother's house. it looked awesome, the weather was perfect, the food was great, and the band was kickin'! i was kinda sad that william wasn't there to bust a move...maybe next time. but, it was really good to see some old friends and catch up on what's been going on.

me and the bride (not nervous anymore)

me and maid of honor, mary austin
other than that, william and wes hung out and...

let poppa show me how to hit golf balls in the bayou behind the house

hit golf balls all by myself
did some serious digging for toys

figured out that i can stand up all by myself
watched the dryer in amazement
now, i think it's time for a nap....


Anonymous said...

yeah!! you're texting!!!!!!!

Kathryn said...

I'm so happy that I could contribute to your texting knowledge. Next time we'll work on speed drills! Can't wait to take William up on his invitation to come and play.

Anonymous said...

Love that dryer photo. G

Candace said...

yay!! I am very proud of you...although now that I am moving to the hood maybe we can have a conversation...good job!! C

Anonymous said...

can wes fold clothes yet - honey