Tuesday, April 15, 2008

they're part crazy

so, the other day i picked william up at school and was greeted at the car by several teachers. they all offered congratulations. i looked at them like they were crazy and asked, "what for?" and, the reply i got almost made me quit breathing, "well, william told us that he was getting a little sister!" after getting my breath back, i quickly corrected their thinking. however, i don't think that some of them believed me. of course, this is the same child that told them that wes was his little sister, his name was diego, and that his mama refuses to give him chocolate cake or cherry pie. there's no telling what those teachers think goes on at this house!

a week later i was in kroger and ran into one of the 3 year old teachers at his school. we had a short conversation, and then she said, "oh yeah, you're expecting another one aren't you?" thank you to my 2 year old for starting a rumor and having the whole town believe that i am a baby making machine.

as i was cleaning up after supper one night last week, i asked chase if he would vacuum the kitchen floor for me. he reluctantly agreed and got the stick broom out of the laundry room. as he began vacuuming under the high chair and william's chair, i went back to the dishes in the sink. i looked up to tell him something, and y'all....the boy is vacuuming the kitchen table. i am not even close to kidding. vacuuming the kitchen table. i must have looked at him like he had 8 heads because he said, "what? i'm just getting it clean." so, i'm not sure if he really just has no clue or if he was doing the man thing of doing the job in such a way so that i won't ever ask him to do it again. either way, i'm sure glad that med school worked out for him because i don't think there's anybody around that would hire him as a janitor. and, i know that all y'all want to come eat off of my kitchen table now, don't you?


Lance and DK said...

this is just the beginning of your life in a house full of men. hang in there! mama

Anonymous said...

that is SUCH a man.......

Rachael Tackett said...

Men...they couldn't survive without us!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's start working on names for little sis !

Heather said...

Hey, Laura. You've been tagged. See today's post on my blog for details.