Sunday, April 13, 2008

baby leigh

this past week, we all took a trip to jackson to visit my new niece, leigh. she was born during our stomach virus crisis, so we were not able to be there for her entrance to this world. but, we got there as soon as we could, and we were able to spend a few days getting to know her. she is adorable, and i think that she looks like her mama. (of course, i'm terrible at being able to tell who kids look like.)

wes wasn't really into the loving on leigh thing that we had going on. he was more interested in pushing his aunt's barstools around her kitchen. but, william was more than happy to give her a little love.

he even complimented her, "leigh has little feets." yes, she does. and, besides the little feets, leigh is apparently going for the record of the best baby ever in the history of the world. seriously. she hardly ever fusses, and if she does...just pick her up. period. she's only 4 weeks old, and she has already thrown in several nights of getting up only once. hello?? my kids got some of those same genes...they must have been defective!

we tried to get a picture of all 4 little people, but this is the best one i had on my camera. and it's not saying much. good luck, honey and g, with getting 6 kids under age 3 to sit still for a christmas card picture this year.

anyway, we brought lots of presents with us including big sister presents for sara beth. here she is showing off what we got her.

is she not the cutest cook ever?? no, i'm not crazy. she has a kitchen and loves to cook. and loves to watch the food network. (come to my house anytime, sara beth.)

we also went to the park on thursday to hang out for a little bit. william and sara beth had a blast and neither wanted to leave. but, a bribe of grilled cheeses and breadsticks from newk's did the trick.

digging on the digger

showing off our swinging skills
"please don't make me slide down this thing"

gentleman william making sure sara beth doesn't fall
making it through the tunnelthat night we told god what we were thankful for from the day. right after "pants" and "trees" was "sara beth's park." so, i guess we'll have to be heading back to the big yellow slide the next time we get to jackson. and, hopefully, that won't be too far down the road.


Candace said...

Yay!! U have returned to the blog!! Glad yall are back in town. See you at the dirt pile

Lance and DK said...

looks like y'all had a great time. mama/kakki

Rachael said...

Love the picture of all the kids...I am not sure how that Christmas card is going to work!

Amber said...

oh my gosh, laura, i LOVE the little chef! too cute!

Anonymous said...

we are going to start working on that christmas the day the new baby comes in atlanta. that is probably not soon enough but --. we had so much fun with you guys we do hope that you will come again soon. lots of love - honey