Tuesday, April 22, 2008

she didn't ever win a spelling bee

william has told his teachers at school that his mama will not give him cherry pie or chocolate cake. this is the biggest fib ever because that kid eats way more chocolate than i care to let on. even so, whoever gets him out of my car or puts him in it during the carpool makes sure to let me know that i'm depriving him, and i need to feed him cherry pie and chocolate cake. yes, every adult at that school thinks i'm a crazy, pregnant person! thank you, william.

anyway, the cherry pie part is probably true because neither chase nor i care for it. so why would i bake a cherry pie? luckily, the other day we were out eating, and they had cherry pie for dessert. unfortunately, i didn't have my camera with me to get proof of william eating that stinkin' cherry pie. of course, i would have had to take a picture of that first bite because that is all he took. "cherry pie is yucky!" was his response. he made sure to tell everybody at his school that, so now they are on me about the chocolate cake.

i am in charge of snack tomorrow, so i decided to get a chocolate cake so that they could have visible proof that i'm not a terrible mom who won't let her kid eat chocolate cake. plus, i figured a room full of 2 year olds hyped up on chocolate cake was sweet justice for all the dogging i've received in the carpool line! i kid....but i still got the cake! :)

so, i went to kroger this morning and picked out a small chocolate cake from the bakery. since everything in william's pre-school room is labeled, i decided that labeling the chocolate cake with the words "chocolate cake" made perfect sense. so i handed it to the lady behind the counter and asked her to write "chocolate cake" on it for me. this is what she handed back to me...

i turned around to hand it back to her so i could get another one spelled correctly, but it was just too good not to keep. so, i put it in my race car shopping cart and headed home. the sad thing is that the top of the cake has a sticker with the word "chocolate" on it about 5cm from where she wrote the words.

i guess it's a good thing 2 year olds can't spell! i'm sure they'll enjoy their CHOCLATE cake anyway!


Rachael Tackett said...

That is so funny!

Lance and DK said...

now do you understand whay i got out of the classroom?!!! mama

Lance and DK said...

see, i can't even spell anymore either. it really is a typo. i don't know what the bakery lady's excuse was. mama

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact what "choclate" cake does for a class of 3 year old already wild ones. I'm sure that the teachers have put you on the wanted list. Honey