Monday, April 21, 2008

does phone insurance cover that?

my neighbor, shannon, and i were talking one afternoon a while ago while our little people were outside playing, and we decided that satan comes out in full force on sunday mornings. i know he's out in full force everyday, but it just really seems like he's on top of his game on sunday mornings. no sooner than 5 seconds after we get out of the bed...something goes wrong. somebody is grumpy, somebody gets knocked down and starts wailing, somebody is bleeding, blood is gushing, food is flying, and just go ahead and fill in the blank. something happens that tries to interfere with our worship and enjoyment of the lord's day. (please tell me this is not just on our cul-de-sac!)

anyway, yesterday morning was no different. chase had to work, so i got up and got dressed, fixed breakfast, and went to get the little people up. we all played for a minute or two, then william said he needed to go to the bathroom. so i changed wes' diaper while william was in the bathroom tee teeing, or so i thought. as i'm getting ready to put wes' new diaper on, i hear a splash and an "uh oh!"

"william, what did you do?!"
"if i flush, i won't have a phone anymore."
"william, don't you....."

but, it was too late. i heard the whoosh of a flushing toilet along with the very odd sound of a cell phone beating against the pipes in my wall on it's way to rest in a sewage tank somewhere. william thought it was great until he realized that it is not coming back, and he will never, ever see that fun cell phone again. then, he cried all day because mama and daddy wouldn't get that phone back for him.

so far, everything is still in working order as far as the toilet goes. apparently, it can take weeks to stop up. stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

the joys of 2 yr. olds...

Anonymous said...

Samething happened here...only I was putting Katie on the potty when mine fell in!

Anonymous said...

could have been worst - it could have been yours honey

Rachael Tackett said...

that is going to be a fun story when it stops up!