Wednesday, April 30, 2008


below are a few pictures from the last few weeks. this amazing, 80 degree, april weather has been awesome, and we've been outside for every last drop of it!

cool dude

future derek jeter
wes showing off his surfer outfit for the beach this summer
future tiger
we wanted a stand up sandbox because we figured that william wouldn't drag as much sand in the house that way. we figured wrong...
me and my buddy, noah, at the park
william only thinks this is his tractor
if it's a cabinet, i'm getting in it
post-bath head
hanging out in william's bed
in other news, wes started wheezing, so i took him to see my new favorite best friend, amy. she said it was global and to take him to the doctor. so i took a deep breath and prepared for the agony of the waiting room. it really didn't take too long, and we were in the back getting a breathing treatment. if you've ever had to hold an 11 month old down for 10 minutes of a nebulizer, you need a big ol' pat on the back. the nurse brought it in, and said, "here you go." so, i proceeded to try to hold this mask over his face while holding a squirmy, screaming, sweating, highly perturbed kid on my lap. after about 30 seconds, he pulled the hose out of the mask. so, now i get to hold that together as well. then, he pulled the hose out of the machine. lovely. i just hope this doesn't get to be a recurring thing, or i may have to sedate my kid beforehand. anyway, we came home with 3 different meds and instructions to use the humidifier all the time. he acts totally fine except for the whole breathing thing, so hopefully these meds will cure the little guy. so, y'all please say a little prayer for him to knock this out.

and for the few people that have asked.....yes, the toilet is working fine. apparently, cell phones are quite flushable. i've heard that thomas the train toys aren't as lucky making it down the pipes, though. therefore, we have a new toys while you tee tee. you must put everything in your hands and pockets on the counter before heading to the potty. so, if you come to my house and need to go, i'll probably frisk you before you can enter the bathroom. totally normal.

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Anonymous said...

oh laura.. I'm so sorry.. I will pray with empathy.. Knox had rsv at 11 me if u need anything...c