Sunday, March 30, 2008


it's a week late, but here we go....

we had a great easter weekend. my parents came up on friday afternoon, and we cooked burgers and watched a ton of basketball. fun stuff if you're part of this family. mississippi state won it's first round game against oregon, and charles "feed the beast" rhodes put on quite a show. go dogs!

on saturday, our country club held it's annual easter egg hunt/carnival. the weather was beautiful, and there was a ton of stuff for the little people to do. notice that i only have a picture of wes with the easter bunny. william is not a fan of people dressed up as anything, so he wouldn't go near the thing. i have yet to get a picture of him with santa or the easter bunny at any point in his life.

posing with the fake easter bunnies

in the jumpy thing
wes with the real easter bunny
showing my stuff on the ring toss
fishing for a ring pop (my favorite)
snow cones!!
after all that, it was finally time for the eggs. they didn't consult me, and they obviously don't give a flip what i think, however.......the way they hunt eggs is just crappy! each child was given a number, and they could only pick up eggs with their number on it. this would have been fine had there been, ya know, under 300 kids. try telling a 2 or 3 year old, "no, baby, put that down. it says 238. we're looking for #8." yeah, there were some not so happy kiddos out in that field. not to mention some not so happy parents. heck, we had 4 adults looking for eggs, and we never did find the 8 "assigned" eggs that we were supposed to find. that's the good thing about a 2 year old....he was quite happy with the candy inside his 6 eggs, and he never knew that there were 2 more still missing in action. wes was happy just to gnaw on the plastic outside of the egg. so, even though my two were content, i still believe that i can come up with 487 better ways to hunt easter eggs. that being said, i'm sure we'll be right back in the middle of that same field next year...complaining the whole time!! :)

found one
look, daddy!
tasty plastic
finally, an egg with #8 on it!
checking out my loot

that afternoon, we did some spring cleaning in the yard. it took my mom, dad, and chase to get the new bagger on the riding mower, but they finally got it on (with all the right screws in the correct places). we put my mom in charge of the little people, and chase mowed, my dad moved shrubs and spread pine straw, and i got out the hedger and went to town on everything that could be cut back. i had the sore back to go along with the hard work the next morning, but now we have that spiffy curb appeal that is sure to make passersby jealous!

on sunday, william and wes woke up to see what the easter bunny had left for them. william ignored his crocs and candy, and instead he went straight for a pair of bunny sunglasses. wes, after my own heart, went straight for the eggs. he didn't waste any time!

then, we got dressed and headed off to church.

easter is my favorite holiday. i love the spring time, i love the easter hymns, and i love the easter message. as we sat in the pew at the beginning of church, i was fully expecting to hear the story of the resurrection, but mark made a comment that he wasn't going to preach specifically on that. he was going to continue with our study of romans because it's not just easter sunday that we should celebrate the resurrection. each and every sunday (and day) should be filled with praises to god for the birth, life, death, and resurrection of his one and only son. how true. what a sweet truth.

christ the lord is risen today.....hallelujah!