Sunday, March 2, 2008

a warm weekend (finally!)

i hate cold weather! i am a self-proclaimed hermit in the winter just because i can't stand all the coldness. my neighbors often comment on how they never see me when it's below 50 outside. give me 100 degree temperatures and sunshine, please! so anyway, much to my (and apparently my whole family and neighborhood's) liking, we had temps in the 70s all weekend. it was great, and we were outside for most of it. love that!!

my parents came to visit for a day or two before my mom leaves for italy this week. (she's going with a group of girls just to go. sounds fun, huh? i hope my friends are paying attention here.) anyway, we did lots of hanging out and eating. fun stuff.

my dad also brought some kites which william loved. unfortunately, there wasn't much wind on saturday when he was trying to teach him how to fly it, but they got it up in the air several times.

there was plenty of wind on sunday afternoon, however, and the kites were off. for a $2 kite from wal-mart, these things could go. you did good, daddy! we got out in our cul-de-sac and played with our neighbors, the surholts. i'm not sure who had more fun with those kites...the big boys or the little boys! william and ben had a blast flying them. ben figured it out really quickly, and he flew it for a long time until he managed to get tangled up in the string. and, i do mean tangled. there wasn't an arm or a leg that wasn't wrapped up, and he was not the least bit happy about it. but, i managed to get him free, and they were back at it. when they tired of kites, they played bumper cars with their front loaders. luckily, we all escaped without any tears, scratches, bumps, or bruises! wes and walt just sat happily beside each other taking it all in. wes even got in on the flying after a while.

after this beautiful weekend, it is supposed to rain tomorrow and snow on tuesday. if anyone needs me, i'll be hibernating!


Mandy said...

I'm up for a girls getaway anytime. You name the time and the place and I'll be there....well, maybe we should wait a few years before traveling abroad since we have little ones. Until then, I'm up for a weekend getaway. :)

Lance and DK said...

we had a great time, even if we did eat too much dressing. love to you all. mama

Anonymous said...

I want to hire the "window cleaner" and the inspector (i.e. Wes).

Anonymous said...

I want to hire the "window cleaner" and the inspector (i.e. Wes).

Heather said...

thanks for posting the cute pics. the boys had such fun playing together. by the way, walt and wes both look like they've been enjoying some cocktails while hanging out in their strollers....that photo makes me laugh. And walt looks like he's been in a bar fight!!!

Rachael said...

Good minds think alike...we wrote about the same thing!