Monday, March 24, 2008

i'm thankful for...

i know that this post is supposed to be easter pictures, but i haven't uploaded them from my camera yet, so it ain't happening tonight!

in the past week, william and i have added a new element to his bedtime routine. after we say his prayers, we tell god one thing from the day that we are thankful for. this is just the greatest way to end my day. he comes up with some completely random stuff that we totally should be thankful for, but it has just never crossed my mind as something to thank god for. of course, i have gotten the occasional mama and daddy, the grandparents, etc., but it is usually just some off the wall something.

- vegetables
- sunflowers
- my bulldozer
- wes' tractor that can lift dirt way up high
- dirt
- hands

and tonight as we finished our prayers, i asked him what he was thankful for from today and he said, "the sky outside and the wheels that we get to have on the car." i can in all honesty say that i have never thanked god for the wheels on my car. but, where in the world would i be without the wheels on my car?? at home, i guess.

so tonight before you climb into bed, don't forget about those wheels outside in your garage, ok?


Rachael said...

He is the sweetest kid! I can't wait to be able to talk to Grace like that.

Lance and DK said...

now we understand more and more why jesus said we must be as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. love you all, mama aka kakki

Anonymous said...

I love to hear all thes things. G