Sunday, May 24, 2009

he is so above this!

wes went to william's end of the year party this past thursday. before they ate pizza, miss sunny told everyone to come sit in the circle so they could sing a few songs. wes graciously followed all the directions and sat right down in the circle like he knew what he was doing. but, his expression never changed. the circle was apparently downright boring. he hasn't even started school, but it's a major drag already!

he's 2...i'm going to need some serious help in about 14 years!

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Callie said...

my kid says "2" in the exact same way....2 pointers up! how funny. can I get any bigger? yes...i heard about the naked brownies, but unfortunately you may have to be past due and already having contractions for it to work. b/c it doesn't work at 37 1/2 weeks when I wanted it to.