Thursday, May 7, 2009

10 steps for a fun day

1. ride your bike while getting as close to the sprinkler in the flowerbed as possible without getting too wet.

2. show off...

3. get a drink from a different sprinkler without getting too wet.

4. show off some more...

5. go for another drink because you're still thirsty.

6. since you've tried out all the other sprinklers, you may as well take a drink from this one too.

7. find a worm. play with him a for while on the scorching hot pavement until he is barely wiggling anymore. (poor worm...i'm not sure that he survived the encounter with this kid.)

8. ditch the worm and the helmet in the flowerbed and forget about staying dry any longer.

9. go upstairs and wake up little brother for snack time.

10. devour oreos.


Anonymous said...

Glad you captured all of this!

Lance and DK said...

life should always be so good! kakki

Anonymous said...

what a day - honey