Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day to me

william came home from school at the end of the week with this:

it is a handmade mother's day gift that is proudly displayed on the kitchen counter. you can't see all of the sentence on the bucket, but it says, "mommy, i love you because you cook me chicken and dinosaur meat and noodles."

if they didn't already think i was crazy, i'm sure his teachers think we live in a nut house.

attached to the bucket was a portrait he drew of me:

i look like an orange chicken with a mohawk. underneath the picture, he described me. "my mama has long hair, a big nose, little eyes and long legs."

did i do something to make him mad? i guess it must have been all the looking down my big nose at him with my little, beady eyes. so, not only do we live in a nut house, but with the way i is apparently a carnival fun house, too. oh, joy.

that's ok, though. i'll be made to feel like an orange, monster chicken if i get to have these 2 little people around to keep me entertained every day.

and, just because we're not in school on father's day, don't think i'm not making that boy draw a portrait of his daddy and describe him. he doesn't get off the hook that easily. stay tuned for that post!


Lanny said...

You have done it again......I am laughing out are too funny! You make my day, Laura. Wish I could be a fly on the wall at your house. It has got to be a thrill a minute...:) I will stay tuned for William's description of his daddy...

jessica said...