Monday, August 11, 2008

whole lots of learnin' going on

yesterday as we were eating lunch, chase and i were trying to discuss with william the topic of his sunday school lesson.

me: what did you learn about in sunday school?

william: um, i don't know.

me: did you learn about moses?

william: yes.

chase: (as he picks up william's sunday school papers) this looks like you learned about jonah.

william: oh yeah. it was jonah.

me: what did you learn about jonah?

william: that big whale swallowed him.

me: and then what?

william: um, i don't know.

me: did jonah cry?

william: no. he said HELP!

me: did god help him?

william: naw. he just threw him out in the water.

me: and then what?

william: and then i got to chew some gum.

me: no, i mean, and then what happened next?

william: oh, then i got dirty in the little potty at church.


dear miss marty,
i very much appreciate you wiping my kid's rear end yesterday. i realize that was not in the job description when you signed up to be a sunday school teacher. but, just consider it good practice for your future! maybe y'all should go over jonah again next week, so i can hear the end of the story! or, at least send me home a piece of gum!

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Marty Cooper said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, Gum = Gospel in my class...sadly. No prob on the hiney-wipe. I've never heard anyone call #2 "getting dirty" though. Awesome.