Thursday, August 7, 2008

one, two buckle my shoe

lately, wes has become obsessed with shoes. he will go to the shoe basket and dig through it until he finds his shoes. then, he'll bring them to whoever happens to the be closest, sit down, and stick his feet in the air until you put them on him. poor kid...he has only had one pair of shoes. a pair of brown sandals that he wears with everything. but it doesn't even have to be his shoes. he'll go get my shoes or chase's shoes and try to walk around in them.

well, on sunday i went in the attic and got out william's old shoes and found a pair of sandals that he could wear to church. they are still too big, but it was like christmas for wes. he was lovin' showing off his new shoes. he had no clue what to do now that he has 2 pair of shoes!!

it doesn't matter if he has on pjs...still wanna wear those shoes!

william was still asleep one afternoon, so wes had a blast walking around in his big brother's shoes.

when i figured out how much i've been depriving him with only one pair of shoes, i went back into the attic and got out william's first pair of crocs. they are still a little big, but he thinks he's hot stuff being just like his brother.

i guess i could think of worse people to imitate!! :)


Leigh Ann said...

He is the cutest thing ever!!! love that hair-

Lance and DK said...

love the sun and sand sandels! kakki

Lance and DK said...

let me try again: sandals
oh, well! kakki

Anonymous said...

he is too cute - with shoes on or off honey

The Putnam Family said...

too funny! you know presley and wes are the same age...and she is LOVING shoes lately, too. i guess it's an age thing.