Monday, August 18, 2008

rain or shine...we party

william let me know a long time ago that he wanted a birthday party in his backyard this year. we have a rather large backyard, so i thought it was a great idea. we rented inflatable jumpy things and already have way too many toys back there for everyone to play with. so it was the perfect venue.

but a problem arose. i woke up at 6am on party day to the sound of a steady rain outside. i immediately got to the computer for a quick look at the radar and found a huge green blob that covered the entire state! of course, it's been a desert here this summer, and it hasn't rained a drop since april...but it decides to be rainy on this one day!! no big deal. with the help of some friends and our super sweet church secretary, we got the venue changed just in time. all of the kids showed up at our church with a riding toy, jumped in the jumpy things and ate cake for a sugar burst! it worked out perfectly!

even with several friends' help, it took a little extra to get all those candles blown out!

i didn't even come close to getting pictures of all of the kids at the party, but here are a few of them showing off their skills!

wes borrowing somebody's rocket

william and his new ride

upside down mont

backwards emma claire
charlie being cute

precious jack with his spikey hair

william going down feet first

mckenna getting her jump on
brooks giving the slide a workout
william on his other new ride
while everything worked out quite well this year, i think that i might be planning indoor venues for birthday parties from now on!! but, y'all are all welcome to come play in our birthday party-less backyard whenever you want to!

PS - we missed you, knox! but, we are so glad that your tonsils are finally out. hope you get to feeling better soon!!


Anonymous said...

it was a great party and we am glad that we were invited. laura, you didn't even seem rattled by the sudden change of venue. honey and g

Anonymous said...

Great birthday! G